B.O.S.S microblading

Brows Of Stephanie Stonecipher microblading

Stephanie Stonecipher is a Los Angeles trained Certified Microblading Artist. Stephanie was born and raised in Indiana, which is where she currently resides. In her early thirties, she returned to Indiana University at Bloomington to obtain a second university degree. After graduation, she spent years living in England and working in London as a Media Analyst. Familial duties eventually brought her back to Evansville and she brought her worldly ideals with her.

After moving back from Europe and having trouble finding someone to reliably maintain her own microbladed brows, she thought why not just get certified in it herself . . . so she enrolled in an academy and traveled to Los Angeles to do just that!

“I love bringing the natural beauty and confidence out of each individual I work with," Stephanie says. "Confidence is EVERYTHING!!! Looking good makes you feel more confident and when a person feels confident, he or she is unstoppable."

In her free time, Stephanie enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, hiking and napping. She is currently trying to relearn the French language (it's not going very well) and she has a never-ending obsession with current events, pop culture, breaking news, and weather.